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Measuring Trees

“On Thursday 27 June P6 went to Craigmonie Woods to measure trees.  Our first activity was to pick a tree and walk away from it until we saw the top of it from between our legs.  (This ensures a 45 degree viewing angle.)  Then we got a measuring tape and measured from our heels to the base of the tree i metres.  (This is the same length as the height.)  Our results were 26m 40cm.

Then we picked a different tree and one person walked 30 steps away and laid down on a mat.  Another person walked 27 steps away and held up a metre stick and put their finger on it.  The second person had to make their finger go up and down the metre stick until their finger was even with the top of the tree.  We multiplies the height on the metre stick by 10.  Our results were using small steps were 19m and using big steps were 147m!”

By Kate, Freya and Corey P6


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