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Eggcellent Work!

What fantastic concepts, skills…and names! Miss Mullin 🙂

2018/19 Glenurquhart Primary News

What a creative bunch our pupils are!  Everyone was very busy decorating hard boiled eggs this morning.  During lunchtime, our judges had the difficult job of choosing a winner and runner up for each year group!

Easter egg winners and runners up 2019

Year GroupWinnerRunner Up
P1Bits and BobsMario
P2Pot-bellied pigSpider Man
P3Penguin eggChicken family
P4Harry Potegg and ArrogeggPink Bunny
P5Easter BunnyGreta Thunberg
P6Egg & soldiersEgg Ramsey (chef)
P7The Normal Creme EggEggxit

Congratulations to all our winners and runner up, and thank you to all the grown ups for their hard work setting up, cleaning up and judging!

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