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Mouldy Bread Experiment Update

Six weeks after starting our experiment, we decided it was time to have a good look at our moulds and collate our observations and conclusions!


  • We found that mould was growing on most of the slices of bread, apart from the control slice.
  • The moulds were different colours: yellow, black, green, white and orange.
  • We think the different moulds have grown from different mixtures of microbes.
  • The slices that were covered with the most mould were…”unwashed hands” and “hands rinsed under tap,” “classroom floor” and “kitchen surface.”
  • Apart from the control slice, the slices with the least amount of mould were: “properly washed hands” and “licked bread.”  This result really surprised us!
  • We think the bread we used probably contains a lot of preservatives.


  • Always wash your hands properly and clean surfaces before preparing or eating food.
  • If you drop food on the classroom floor, DO NOT pick it up and eat it!

by Alex, Dillon, Freya, Georgia, Isabella, Ivan, Poppy and Thomas



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