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Conservation work at “The Cover”

The P6/7s worked very hard this morning, doing two conservation tasks at “The Cover” and learning about how Dwynwen Hopcroft from Loch Ness Knitting uses waste materials to create natural dyes for yarn.

They used “loppers” to remove very young Sycamore saplings from the area (Dwynwen will use their bark to make a yarn dye.)  This will allow the older Sycamore saplings to thrive.  We did this because Sycamore is an important “transplant” species for Ash trees, should Ash Dieback eventually arrive in the glen.

The pupils also worked together to create bug/small mammal “hotels” off the path.  This gave them another chance to discover some of the insects which inhabit the wet woodland.

Huge thanks to Ross and Juliet from Woodland Trust for organising another super outdoor learning session!


Our latest entry in our John Muir Award Record eBook can be found atJohn Muir Award Glenurquhart Team 2 Feed


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