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Loch Insh Payments and Doctors Letters

A quick reminder that the final payment for Loch Insh is due next week.

Also, now is the time to request doctor’s letters for our travel insurance (for example, if your child has asthma or eczema.)  This can take the surgery a few days to prepare.  Please pass them on to Miss Mullin as soon as you have them.

Miss Mullin is looking forward to welcoming P7 back on Tuesday!  🙂

Transition Morning

The P6s spent the morning being P7s!  We did a few class-building games before attempting a team-building challenge in groups of 5.  We had to communicate and work well together to succeed.  Every team tried hard to overcome setbacks and improve, which really impressed Miss Mullin.

We also had a discussion about our worries, questions and ambitions for P7.  The pupils are really looking forward to cooking with Mrs Laird and the Loch Insh trip at the end of September.  🙂

Measuring Trees

“On Thursday 27 June P6 went to Craigmonie Woods to measure trees.  Our first activity was to pick a tree and walk away from it until we saw the top of it from between our legs.  (This ensures a 45 degree viewing angle.)  Then we got a measuring tape and measured from our heels to the base of the tree i metres.  (This is the same length as the height.)  Our results were 26m 40cm.

Then we picked a different tree and one person walked 30 steps away and laid down on a mat.  Another person walked 27 steps away and held up a metre stick and put their finger on it.  The second person had to make their finger go up and down the metre stick until their finger was even with the top of the tree.  We multiplies the height on the metre stick by 10.  Our results were using small steps were 19m and using big steps were 147m!”

By Kate, Freya and Corey P6

Meeting new buddies!

On Tuesday morning, P6 visited some of the nursery children who are starting P1 in August.  They enjoyed playing and talking together, and looking at the nursery children’s learning journeys.  It was a lovely hour!

The P6s are looking forward to welcoming their new buddies to lunch next Tuesday.  🙂

French Posters

On Monday, we continued our work on our French posters.  We are making these to introduce our school to our partner school in France.

Each trio has a different responsibility.  We’ve been using French dictionaries, Google Doc Translation Tools and to help us to write simple phrases and sentences in French.

We’ll share our finished posters next week!

PE Kit tomorrow AND Thursday

Please could all P6s remember to bring their PE kit tomorrow AND on Thursday?  They will be having PE with Mrs James at the end of the day tomorrow, and then PE with Mr Barton on Thursday morning.  🙂

Mr Brown returns!

We were delighted to welcome back Mr Brown this week.  He is on his summer holidays from the school he works at in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.  As well as catching up with his former pupils, on Wednesday he worked with a group who have been reading “The Unforgotten Coat” by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  The book features a Mongolian refugee family.  Mr Brown talked about his experiences in Mongolia and brought some artefacts for the P6s to examine.  They thoroughly enjoyed their discussion.

Sanitary Products

As part of Glenurquhart Primary’s health and wellbeing programme, and in line with the Curriculum for Excellence, P6/7 have been taking part in sexual health and relationships education.

As part of our learning about puberty and menstruation, we investigated how two different menstrual hygiene products work: sanitary towels and tampons.

We have watched 2 episodes of “Ask Lara” which discuss menstruation and PMT.

Ask Lara: Oh No! It’s here!

Ask Lara: Girls Only Party

Miss Mullin and Miss MacDonald explained that sanitary towels and tampons are always available from the school, if needed.


Additional information for parents can be found via the following links:

School SHARE Framework

NHS ~ Periods


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